We transformed a website that wasn’t mobile-friendly nor SEO-friendly into an online success.

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Jacky’s Social Media & Website

Jacky’s is one of the most experienced electronics retailers in the UAE and currently has great online success.

But they weren’t always this way.

Jacky’s Electronics approached us to see what Digital Marketing services we could offer to help them promote their products at the Dubai Shopping Festival. This was a key promotional period for them, and we needed to act fast because it was only two weeks away.

When looking at the website, we immediately saw things that we could improve. Firstly, their website wasn’t mobile-friendly. On top of that, it wasn’t SEO-friendly either, which meant that their products’ pages weren’t ranking on search engines like Google for potential customers to see.

However, we realised that they needed a Digital Marketing strategy that could help them in the short run… and we found some potential opportunities in one specific Digital Marketing aspect: Social Media.

Because they were a well-established brand, they had already generated a decent number of followers on their accounts. (For Facebook, in particular, they had about 45,000 likes.) However, their pages weren’t being utilised properly… yet.

We proposed that, if we could create engaging Social Media posts on their platforms letting potential customers know about their promotion, we could create more excitement about the brand.

We saw significant improvement in their engagement during those two weeks, and even more as we continued to handle their accounts. One example was a Valentine’s Day competition we ran, a contest that reached over 45,000 people on only a 100 AED budget. Interactions were high, as we had almost 1,500 likes, comments, and shares.

After solidifying their trust in handling their Social Media, we also managed to work on revamping their website, both for SEO and website purposes. With the help of our Web Development team, we helped them create a website that is more user-friendly and SEO-optimised so you can easily find products that they sell by doing a simple Google search.

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