We continue to see Infiniti’s Social Media gain thousands of followers on a monthly basis.

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Infiniti’s Social Media Marketing

Infiniti is a luxury car that is quite popular in Dubai… for many reasons.

Our Digital Agency saw a lot of potential in what Infiniti could do on Social Media if they had someone who knew how to run their Social Media campaigns.

Before managing their Social Media accounts, they weren’t posting very often, there was very little engagement on previous posts, and they weren’t generating a lot of new subscribers.

We met with Infiniti’s in-house Marketing team and we proposed how our Social Media Marketing services and ideas could help them. Specifically, we emphasized on creating create a more loyal fan base online while informing people about their events, promotions, and product launches.

Basically, we wanted to establish them as an authority in their industry.

Two weeks into managing their Social Media accounts, Infiniti saw amazing improvements on their engagement.

This was due to a number of things. For one, we started creating great content. We worked with their in-house Marketing team to find out who their target audiences were and create posts based on what worked.

Along with that, we incorporated some new ideas they hadn’t used yet. For example, we used competitions to get people to engage on Infiniti’s posts; this got people interested in their cars. Eventually, they generated leads (and eventually sales) on their Social Media pages just by staying active and maintaining a dialogue with them.

We also handled their Social Media by posting updates during their events. Infiniti received engagement on their posts during live Tweet sessions, as the content posted on Twitter was up-to-date and informative for their fans.

Infiniti’s Social Media Marketing has vastly improved, and it will continue to improve based on the steady number of engagement they receive on posts and increased number of followers.

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